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George is a certified Trainer and Supervisor in Emotionally Focused Therapy and offers different levels of training and supervision at locations around the world for counselors and professionals seeking certification in EFT.

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Speaking & Training Schedule

January 2018 EFT Externship Tel Aviv, Israel
February 2018 EFT Core Skills Training Dublin, Ireland
February 2018 EFT Externship Oklahoma
March 2018 Psychotherapy Networker Washington DC
March 2018 EFT Core Skills Arkansas
April 2018 EFT Keynote, EFT Congress Netherlands
May 2018 EFT Leading Edge Seminars Toronto, Canada
June 2018 EFT Training Moscow, Russia
June 2018  Distressed Couples  Los Angeles, CA
 July 2018 EFT Training  Cape Cod, MA
 August 2018 EFT Externship  Fort Bragg, NC
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